Day three and I can’t remember if it has been three days or three weeks. It’s amazing to be back in a controlled environment and be able to be completely out of control. This little team of film makers has already exceeded all my hopes and lofty expectations. The movie I’m seeing from my vantage point, my real life experience of this last week, traveling from Stockholm to C-Bus and into the hands of this young gifted team is a compelling story itself. Though I’m exhausted from the design work back home and the journey West, Bushmanis is harnessing whatever hasn’t already been stripped away. I’ve been living in a feral environment what with this renovation of the grocery back home. Carving away a place of refuge but geared for creativity. This role, this character, Ronnie McCubbing has similar traits that are slightly twisted and must be addressed and Bushmanis has completely let him into his world, ‘Ronnie’s World’. I must say it’s a funhouse freakshow and I feel right at home.

Day three and it feels like the New Wave has hit Ohio and this little group who speak a different language are in a suburban neighborhood making some kinda film that hasn’t been made in a generation. That’s because they are the New Generation and they are the chosen. They have given themselves this opportunity. They see forward because they have looked back. More on this when I can make better sense. It feels good to be young again and to have lost touch with time or place and still have the constants in your life that matter. The ingredients, new and old that feed our experience and create our reality which soon becomes our memories. I’m grateful. But tomorrow is unknown. Live while your awake, dream when you sleep.