I’m in Columbus, Ohio and start production tomorrow on a little, big film. It’s called Sandbar and it’s written and directed by a smart young talent by the name of Nick Bushman. I’m gonna try and write a bit every day and see if I can distill the experience. I haven’t visited the blog since California and the Fall and much has transpired. Bushmanis as I refer to him tracked me down through an address I left in Malibu. I sold my house and moved to Stockholm on the fourth of July. A rock star wanted my nest. 20 years in a glass house. Ojai ran it’s course. Paradise lost. My mother died around Valentines day. I bought a grocery store in the middle of Stockholm and took all the food off the shelf. A unique opportunity to feed my soul as the market is being reborn into a food for thought and a work/live studio for our team. Met some talent on that project as well and it’s been brilliant. More on that later as we are midway through hell.

The film is a seven year itch. It’s written beautifully and has an honesty that cements it. I play a Desert Storm Vet who has become estranged from reality and has a Christmas time visit from his 23 year old son who lives with his mother. A new young girlfriend and old bad habits surface and all hell breaks loose. It’s a dark comedy and something I never got a chance to explore in my days as an actor. It was a tough decision to make because I have been committed to my design work and the new space we’re creating but Bushmanis flew to the ‘Venice of the North’ and convinced me he was real. That was inspiration enough but it went beyond because he could articulate his talent. It’s gonna be fun but a lot of work. It always is but not always fun.

Made my last film here in Ohio in 2003. Artworks it was called. Hmmm… Cincinnati. Doesn’t stand out in my mind. Didn’t, couldn’t formula piece if you know what I mean. Didn’t get to do certain things, couldn’t overcome certain situations. Frustration as always in those conditions, film is a crapshoot. It has to gel as an experience for success on some level. No satisfaction. Wanna be. Loss of courage. Call it what you may.

Funny, those are elements in this new character I play but the group surrounding this piece are in it for real. No pretend Hollywood in the mid west but storytellers making pictures that feel real, enlighten and entertain. No place to hide, the first twenty minutes its bareback for me and you’ll like me one way or the other.

It’s new territory and soon to be discovered.