In the day, waiting for word on a certain role or if a pilot or series was to be picked up or renewed, time would drag on and it was during these periods that I would start a new project that would be in my hands. Something tangible like furniture or a garden bed. Well it could also be a vehicle that would be impossible to fix/restore or a guilt ridden luxury expense. I find myself on a Wednesday waiting for Friday so I’ve plastered the entire kitchen with two coats of fine. It’s like the start of the inside of an Oyster shell. I’ve put a complete spin on our life and the deck of cards we’re throwing into the air will hopefully come out with aces. We’re in wait and see mode.

Had an extraordinary visit from my friend Chris Taylor the other night. It’s what my life has always been about. An empty seat and either I would slip into it or more rarely someone new sits down and you become fast friends. That’s how I met Chris on the British Air flight to Stockholm back in April. He was coming home too. I’ve never made a friend on an aircraft but my luck change when he came aboard. He moved up to my row in the bulkhead and took the empty seat next and at first I thought, fuck he’s tall and here come the elbows! It’s great when you can connect immediately with someone and keep getting surprised and not have to small talk yourself away from engagement. This guy is deep and right in the moment all at the same time and to me that is the best combination. When you add things like running your own restaurant and bar to the equation it really becomes interesting.

We had a family meal with his wife and darling daughter and our kids at the beautiful Mississippi Inn. It’s was my best night out ever in Stockholm for a delicious meal in a setting that really made me feel relaxed and cared for. Not service, which is completely absent in most all city dives here but rather being cared for which is the standard I
would offer any guest in my home. The Mississippi Inn cares and you can tell. The ambiance is relaxed but elegant as the lighting seduces your mood. I got a modern feel of my favorite old Hollywood place Musso & Frank. It’s old and worn now but this is what it would be today, a great watering hole with sturdy food that’s fresh and carefully prepared. The vibe is conversational and smart and that’s Chris as well. This amazing guy has weathered many a storm and come up stronger and more resilient than before. You can sense his integrity and purposefulness straight out of the gate and that’s something I admire in an individual. Check out this place, you’ll come back even if it’s just for the best hamburger in town, one formed by hand. Like I said they care.

I’m gonna write more on Chris going forward, his story is one that really inspires. It has the scope of Lawrence of Arabia and if you saw this beautiful man and his graciousness you would think in cinematic terms as I was caught doing many times as he shifted from edge to repose and back. Great to have a new window into the world.