Well, it has been a while since I posted and it makes perfect sense that I’m back at the beginning so to speak. I arrived back in Sweden a few weeks ago. Eva had a beautiful Easter Sunday dinner waiting at the kids Flat. Swedes make Easter a 5 day holiday for some reason. It’s frustrating with everything closed, I’m constantly saying “Christsakes!”

In November as a consequence of the Financial Market Meltdown we found a one owner, 1929 Flat on a Park Boulevard that was free. Well, She had been dead a while and the family thought they should sell at the bottom. That’s when my wallet is full! As you can see above it’s a redroom of doors. A little peal, a little plaster and I’m the new master. It’s gonna be a fun project for us and it will be nice to have a pied a terre close to the kids. Spent a week at the farm and I think this will be a city year. Stockholm is about as beautiful as it gets when you have someone like Eva to walk with. We’ve already made some good progress, 80 years of wallpaper removed and 2 of three coats of plaster already laid down. More on this later.

My mom passed from this life shortly after her visit to us in Ojai. It was wonderful as usual to have her and her dogs for a winter vacation. It had become one of the highlights of her year since my dad died seven years ago. Life is as short as they say but memories live forever. She taught me so much, I’ll always think in terms of making my parents proud. It’s hard to go wrong that way.

Roy got a nice comment from a fellow in America who spotted me in the New York Times in a whataretheydoingnow article. Same thing I’ve been doing my whole life, scraping by! Well not literally, but I do like to scrape the surface, not scratch it. I want a fresh surface no matter the context, usually. Roy also informed me that even though I haven’t been posting he has tracked my “hits” to about 6 to 10 thousand a month since the Fall. The times printed my URL and we’ll see if I can get some advertising dollars from Stanley Tools or something. No acting offers please, I’m still on hiatus. I actually won awards from Stanley Tools two years running in High School for a nationwide art contest. 1st place my Junior year and the Grand Prize as a Senoir. You had to use one of their Surform tools in the process of what you were making. I was carving stone and was into Eskimo Art at the time so I fashioned some Seals lounging on the rocks. It was huge and cost me almost as much to ship it to Pennslyvania as the prize was. I bought a stereo with the winnings, typical waste of money by a teenager. My Junior year I think I carved an abstract head or something, it was actually a nicer piece. I sold both later at an Art Fair. I was a sell out from the very beginning. That’s why I can scrape it together anytime. Made my mom proud.