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Today a terrific team arrived in Ojai to gather my thoughts, memories of working on The Terminator film from almost 25 years ago. A new Blue-ray disk is being prepared and I missed earlier chances on previous disks to share my thoughts so I thought, “why not”? I’m retired, not dead.

Where I’m sitting in the photo above is where I usually park my truck. That’s Black Mountain in the background and that’s about all I really remember about anything, including the movie. Well not quite but get the disk and find out about when the Terminator fondled me on the set. It was harmless fun, really.

I’ve been preoccupied with watching my rows of lettuce grow these last weeks in California so the posting has been infrequent if at all. That plus caring for my nearly deaf and blind mother

My mother can recall events with crystal clear clarity from early in her life but forget the route she took the day before to get to the garden. I wonder if I’ll be haunted by all the experiences I’ve had later in my life. Post traumatic syndrome from my days on the Navy Seals set! Can’t remember much about that one either right now but I have about 20 hours of 8mm tape that was shot from my camera on and around the set. We were bored to death and these behind the scenes moments caught on tape are quite telling. Truth is stranger than fiction.