Day Lights Saving arrive in Sweden and the end of the world is near or at least another gear change of lamenting. It’s dark! It’s cold! Hmmm…

Swedes can be notoriously gloomy, even on a sunny July afternoon. On the surface that is, who knows what they’re really thinking (the sky is falling!). I like this first ever Fall I’ve experienced and will sadly be going home to potentially 40′ Celsius California and a wildfire breathing down our necks. We don’t get Fall colors there, everything is brown and dried out and forget about wrapping a smart scarf or topping off with a snazzy hat to ward off a chill. You’re looking for shade

We haven’t been home in almost eight months. At least I know we still have it. Approximately 1000 families a day are losing their homes to foreclosure in California because of this financial crisis. Amazing. It’s sad to report that the Market Meltdown Shrine I constructed at a nearby intersection has been wiped from the face of the earth. It lasted three weeks. It was the remnants of some child’s life that I found lost from a move perhaps, packed in plastic garbage bags. Do they have foreclosures in Sweden?
Certainly everyone here wants to have it like they do in California. Right?

My expert friends tell me we have three more years of doom and gloom on the horizon.We haven’t seen the bottom yet. Oh well, Izzy’s bathroom is finished at least so I can always do it for someone else and get paid. Or get an acting job. I’ve been retired for 5 years now, it’s a blessing. My final curtain was a straight to video flick called Artworks with Virginia Madsen. We filmed it in Cincinnati, Ohio. A bit like Hell on Earth there only with better statues.

We have to make one quick trip to Haga, our farmhouse to drop the flatbed truck off. It will be interesting to see if we catch an early snow there. We had a decimeter (3 inches) on May 17 and no one blinked. I would think that’s when you get the razor blades out. When Winter arrives in Spring

Blog ImageView from Haga’s front porch, May 17th