I just finished painting Izzy’s bathroom for the third time. The ground coat was clear and the plasterwork look beautiful. Then I put a matte waterproof white which didn’t cover exactly so that gave Eva a chance at a tone or color which has it’s pitfalls. The color queen can mix all the colors in the world on her pallet in her painting studio but when it comes to what I’m rolling on she often needs a second or third coat to get it right. It’s ten p.m. now and Hasse is due here in 11 hours to run the pipes. They go on the outside of the walls here so it’s a beautiful detail but the painting should be complete or else you’re in for a headache. Eva has the floor fan on trying to quick dry the last coat so she can go back to white after the color “Adam”made the Travertine look pink. To me it all looks like it’s almost finished so let’s close our eyes and pretend.

So I went to the computer and read the L.A. Times and somehow got on the site www.end of the world. com or something like that. It feels like it in the bathroom right now and another coat or two looming. Eva’s drinking wine now and girding herself because she thinks she will have to correct this gaffe by herself. Hmmm

My neighbor Annette in Stjarnsfors is a landscape architect who won’t talk about gardening but is happy to talk about painting. She’s always painting something at her farmhouse. I painted all Spring and Summer at the farm and before that I painted all Winter in Ojai. I’ve been painting things my whole life and I should be an alcoholic by now but I’m not. It’s a hard stressful job but as soon as I would finish a movie or season of T.V. I would go right to the paintbrush. That or dig a foundation or some other large hole.

I give Eva credit though. We had 40 doors in our Hollywood house and she painted them all, twice. That is three coats done, seven years later another couple of coats. Twice!
Anyway, I’m colorblind at least and take her word for it so I’m going back to the brush.

Blog ImageThis is from the Summer at Haga our farmhouse in the countryside. And below Eva painting a century old floor upstairs in her bikini.

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