Today I shaved for the first time in 6 months. The day started with a cross city drive in the trusty VW flatbed truck. It has 220 thousand kilometers on it but loads of new parts that make it trusty. The nice thing about a flatbed obviously is it loads easy. What I also like about it is that everyone keeps their distance. Especially the way I drive. I have a flatbed in California as well and have had that one 17 years. I would drive it onto the Warner Bros. Lot when I was making E.R. and would get lots of attention from the Grips and Electricians. The other cast members were all driving nice rides and I was socking money into Real Estate Investment Trusts. Hmmm.

The VW is like an out of control Stage Coach and I’m holding the reins to 109 horses. It makes noise like it has steel wheels on the cobble stones. We were returning camera equipment that Roy was renting to film an advertisement for the Social Democrats. The spot was depicting a stretch limo ambulance on an EMT run. Only rich people deserve that treatment I guess and they’re not social democrats. I’d take the flatbed and just blow the horn all the way if I started to stroke out. The only thing worse than me on the road with my truck is the buses and their drivers here. It was down to millimeters this morning several times. It’s a little game of Chicken they like to play.

The bathroom floor was installed today and the seat beach wall. I like to put floor material on the wall here and it drives everybody nuts. It’s slightly thicker and harder to install but it has a matte finish which typical wall doesn’t. It has a greasy look to it and the stuff I use looks like big sheets of Travertine. Plus it’s soft and warm to the touch and extremely waterproof. I used it in Roy’s Flat and it’s been on Leifs website for two years now( It looks great. Check out the L├Ągenhet Kungsholmen window and you can see Roy’s fabulous kitchen and bath I designed and built. The deal is you have to be a pro to cut this material precise and get it to stick where you want it. It’s not a game of inches, you have maybe a millimeter and then the bus drivers elbow is in your juggler.

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The Flatbed also is a great platform to create art. Here Roy is making a large canvas painting back in ’06, right in front of his studio.