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Gadget Man

Stream of Consciousness Posted on 2008-10-19 01:59PM

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Gadget Man arrived today bearing gifts. Roy swung by mid-day and had a present tucked under his arm for me. Wrapped in Sundays Real Estate newsprint was something for the guy who abhors gifts of any kind, until I recieve them and then I don’t feel worthy.
I was busy putting the sub-floor in Izzy’s entry as Eva was giving her a life drawing class. They were doing a study of a nude photo I’d taken of Eva last week . Isabel has Eva’s natural gift it seems, when it comes to drawing. Everything came to a halt and Eva sorta teared up because I was getting something. I never want anything, I have everything. I’m grateful beyond measure. Eva and the kids know not to buy anything for me because I don’t want anymore. That is until I go temporarily insane and buy a building or something crazy like a Glass House for the farm. I can always rationalize that kind of stuff for some reason.
Anyway tucked under my sons arm was a MacBook Pro. I was floored and now I’m typing on it and loving the step-up from Eva’s PC. I wrote a previous post on it and lost it when I was tapping my finger too much. This will be fun, this new machine and having Roy to guide us through it will be the kicker. He’s expert when it comes to technology. His brain and fingers work like mine do for bricks and mortar. It’s amazing how the gene pool adapts.
Thank you Roy, I love you

Adam and Eva

Stream of Consciousness Posted on 2008-10-19 01:51AM

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This is a portrait of Eva in our Flat at Venice Beach 1983. People warned me that Swedes were a different sort. Cold, shutdown, suicidal types unless they were drunk which made them aggressively gregarious and unbearable. Eva was none of that and everything more. Those lips, those eyes. She could cut hair and sew as well. My days as a bachelor were numbered. Blog Image

This is typically how I looked then and still to this day I’m trying to get paint or glue off of my hands. I was the apartment manager at 35 Clubhouse. 24 units of Venice Beach inhabitants. Mostly crazy oddballs and us. We lived here for about 18 months before moving to Hollywood and what seemed like the mansion on the hill compared our little Flat.Blog Image

Thinking back it must have been so exotic for Eva to land in this world after spending the previous 23 winters in Sweden, in the dark and cold.

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Venice was like an incubator for us. We formed all our first dreams and patterns there. Eva started painting and we bought a piano. Our first sofa. We didn’t own a car or T.V. for that matter. It was simple in one way but complex in another because we knew it was going to grow into much more.

After a few months she returned to her life in Stockholm and I started a movie at Universal, Streets of Fire. We’d have three months apart and now the true courtship would begin.