The Market Meltdown Shrine I created over a week ago at the intersection of Industrigatan and Arbertarsgatan is still untouched except that someone has taken Kermit the Frog. The Shrine, dedicated to some little girl who provided all the elements from a lost garbage bag of her belongings has become a local focal point during these hard times. Who was this little girl? And why has her small world been left behind? The two Snoopys and the Giant Stuffed Bananna remain affixed to the Down Trend Sign. As you see in the photo above The Down Trend Sign has a slogan, Jesus Saves. I don’t know about that but I think the real point is we all should save, mainly ourselves, our sanity. Jesus can save my 401K. Let’s start with that.

Also in the picture above is a car directly behind me. Parked in the middle of the intersection. This Intersection is a Y and this driver, Maria decided to just leave it by the Shrine. Well actually the car was there before the Shrine was assembled. I know it’s Maria’s car because she commented about the fact that her car was in my shot. She did this via Roy’s web-site I had met Maria earlier in the evening at a photo shoot at that beautiful staircase that leads down to the canal. Eva and I met her co-stylist Therese as well and I’m infatuated with her. I didn’t know her name until last night when Roy told me she had contacted him. When we met these two dynamic women I had Eva call Roy via cell and he arrived with a business card on a skateboard at 11pm. We were just out for a promenade and all of a sudden I’m talking to these people like I know them. I do this in Sweden because they’re like clam shells over here. It’s torture to get them to talk. So I do most of the talking and in English as well. Most of the time I talk, they listen and either they laugh or get scared. It’s fun either way. Chance encounters. There’s always a chance. Maria’s talented, I saw her site and a sample of her work. Therese is on the wrong side of the camera. Roy should photgraph her and Maria should style it.

When I met Eva I fell in love instantly. I have so much crammed into my head that it’s hard to remember it all but I have a clear, vivid memory of the evening I met her. The next several days before I convinced her to cancel her ticket back to Stockholm and dump her boyfriend and move in with me at Venice Beach are also etched in my mind because it was so surreal I guess. How lucky are you when you know that you’ve met your soulmate at the first instant. Eva knew before me. According to childhood friends she predicted she would marry a Hollywood Actor. It’s a long way from Hagfors to the Walk of Fame. Hagfors doesn’t even have sidewalks now!

We were vacationing in Florence a few years back and while visiting the Michelangelo museum I was spotted by group of Japanese tourists who recognized me. It’s a worst case scenario to be recognized while standing at the foot of the David. Seventeen feet, six inches of Cararra Marble and on a meter high pedestal as well. How small does that make you feel?

I haven’t shaved the beard off yet. I want to but then I won’t have it anymore. 6 months. I had a beard in a movie once, Paint It Black. I played an artist accused of a murder as I remember. With the beard and the hair looking like it does now I get looks that could kill. It keeps people on their toes, when you look crazy and your body language is forceful. My boots always look like I’ve been kicking someone as well. The boots are Blundstones, made in Australia. The best knock around boot made. It really is a small world after all.