Blog ImageAnother day of toil in the Box. Isabel’s entry is getting closer. When you prepare an interior for paint you go as far as you can and then you quit and paint it. Some people, who should be jailed paint over grease in a kitchen for example without cleaning let alone sanding. I sand and then I change gears and plaster. Back and forth. this is the fourth day counting the day I prepared the doors on the street. I’m thinking I can piss away two more days before I throw in the towel and let Eva begin her brushwork.

She’s an artist with any kind of brush. Hair, Scrub, paint you name it and best of all, brushoff. A Cancer and a complete healing, nuturing, compassionate person but when she pivots because something isn’t right, lookout. It’s the Swede in her that can ice it. That’s how she paints as well, no drips, no holidays.

I plastered inside the box of doors twice today. The entry walls are looking like clouds. White plaster then gray then white again. Plastering is like icing a wall. It’s confectionary and I’ve been playing the same music over and over again as I do it. It’s the sound track for “In to the Wild”, my favorite recent film diected by Sean Penn. Eddie Veder of Pearl Jam fame did this and it really is such a journey. I recommend both highly.

I like to listen to something over and over when I’m doing something over and over. Tomorrow it’s Neil Young.

Well the Chocolate Factory deal is no box of chocolate yet. I’m trying to get a Flat in the building which is classified as an over night office. Perfect for an American who must work extra if you know what I mean. I want to create the ChocolateBox Studio, a multimedia affair. Painting studio for Eva, expandable photo studio for Roy, Rave space for Isabel. Cancel that. And a place for me to base my ego. Maybe I need the entire floor for that and a view. The place does have a view of the Canal and St. Eriks bridge. It’s part basement and part 3rd floor which is great because you can either hide or jump out the window when things get really bad. I’m waiting for a counter offer. So I sand and plaster and listen to Eddie.

Blog Image

This is an action shot from August when I was plastering the upstairs of the PowerHouse in Stjarnfors. It’s a Atelje for Eva when we’re at the Farmhouse in Varmland. I did the downstairs last year and Roy photograph there this Summer and got some beautiful shots of Anna. Check them out at his site, It’s been great working with him this year and I look forward to more colaboration. The music video is Thursday and I can shave my beard after that.