Today I spent in Isabels Flats entry. Its about four square meters and has 4 doors. Five doors if you count the vault door the Foreningen had installed a few years back. I put two doors back but regardless it’s four doorways and a lot of sanding and scraping and getting down to the original beauty of a 1917 Stockholm middle Svensson type Flat. Beautiful thick pine floors and an intricate moulding that was smeared with several bad paint jobs. The original paint was a classic soft sage green and I just couldn’t get down to the original wall color. We did find some traditional flower motif blue wall paper in the toilet area.

Amazing how the layers of life amass themselves. In my first pad with Eva 25 years ago in Venice Beach, California we had about the same size apartment as Izzy’s Flat. We redid that one together too. 35 Clubhouse Avenue. We called it the Clubhouse and that’s what it was. I also managed the other 24 units and did that for a year before we moved on tho Hollywood.

In that Apartment in Venice I removed a typical mirror cabinet and replaced it with a larger single mirror. That left a void in the wall which I filled with al sorts of creepy totems and pictures of myself. I probably wrote some crap on the inside of the wall as well, don’t remember what. I know my first headshot photos in there. I had an Afro my first year in Tinsle Town. Then I shaved my head for The Lords of Discipline. From that point on it was the military and the police force. The afro never made it back. I did have kinda long hair for a movie I did with Bruce and I refused to ever comb or have it styled during the whole shoot. What a thing to do! No! This is how my hair is, live with it. I looked crazy. Bruce, what was the name of that movie? Funny how you forget things but can see them in your mind.

My hair is almost as long now. Kind of a matted Afro. I was voted best hair my junior year in High School. The next year Don Qualls stole my my hairstyle and took the prize. My consolation was winning Most Creative and Biggest Showoff. Funny how those types of things are like bad layers of paint stuck on your trim. Blog Image

This is the top of my head. Eva has been painting Sheep lately. I’ve asked her repeatedly to paint a sheep with my face but she won’t. She wants them to look like sheep. Oh well.

Like I said, I was in a box all day with 4 doors to everywhere and no way out.