Eva made lasagna tonight. Maybe the best one she ever has. She was explaining to Isabel that a kilo of cow is necessary for a large glass dish. As she was cooking it I was scraping six layers of wallpaper off the entry of Izzys Flat. I put a thin layer of plaster over the entire wall and then a half hour later scraped the paper off like wet skin. A Centurion Exfoliation so to speak.

Anna Britta lives upstairs, she’s about 90 and has lived here more than 75 years. If she complains about any noise from the renovation I’ll graciously offer here a complimentary exfoliation. She’s a sweetheart really and is full of piss and vinegar. I brought her some Blueberry pie but she wouldn’t open the door. Eva went back later and knock as well, then she looked through the mail slot and talk about lasagna, her place so full it was layers of time. A neighbor thought she was dead in there a couple of months ago so they called the Fire Department and they broke through the upstairs window on the street. It was a scene, glass everywhere! She wasn’t home obviously or dead. They couldn’t get through the front door because the association, which is the individual owners of all these 34 apartments chose Italian made security doors that are similar to a bank vault. Morons! People are so afraid here in Stockholm. The doors have zero charm and in fact the handle broke off of Izzys and Eva was momentarily trapped in the apartment until she figured out that she could escape via the balcony door.

My neighbors and I are part of an association that’s called a Foreningen. We make all our rules and keep our building in check. I don’t live here though, my two kids do. I just paid for it and created the spaces. Check-out Roy’s Studio on HGTV in America. We did a show about it. That design/build took a few months and has been some of my best work.

Isabels place is turning out equally as well but different. She’s a beautiful young woman and that’s why I put a bench seat in the shower. My Swedish plumber thinks I’m crazy of course.

It’s all about layers. just use enough meat.

I don’t know who is reading this. I’ve only told Bruce and my neighbor Annette who has the farm next to ours. She’s a famous Landscape Architect who lives in Amsterdam and has the farm to escape Holland. Funny thing, she won’t talk about gardening and that’s all I ever want to talk about. At least to her, just to provoke her. She gave me some beautiful plants and bulbs though this year and Hein, her husband put about 50 small fish in our pond as well.

I think I’ll alert Vince I’m writing this so he can have another activity while he lays in bed with 6 dogs. a cat and some type of bird I think. He’s my acting coach. I never train though and I’m out of shape obviously. Vince is 80 this year. Time to exfoliate! Actually it was always about stripping away the layers in Acting Class. Getting to the meat was the trick.