It was a full day. I sanded beautiful century old, meter wide panel doors that I found in Isabels basement. I’ve re-installed them where a generation before they were ripped out. It really brings the character back to the Flat. Six doors adorn the interior 41 square meters and create a beautiful jewel box like appeal. I sanded the doors on my flatbed truck which is on the street/sidewalk and created a dust storm that fascinated passersby. Street art comes in all forms. The typically stoic Swedes wanted to talk today.

Later Eva called up to Formaggio’s and ordered two pies. We swept up the street on the most beautiful Fall evening and before I closed the door behind me to the restaurant they were leading us to a table and carrying our pizzas in hand. Amazing timing, amazing life. Today was suppose to be Black Friday! The final blow to the worlds fortunes and I’m still eating hot pie.

We promenaded afterwards over to Industrigatan (a street close to the canal) and spied the old Cloetta Chaocolate Factory. I made an offer on a Flat there today for a Painting Studio for Eva. I always blame her for aquiring more space. I have a fascination with developing spaces. I hope a deal is in the works.

We crossed over to Arbetargatan (workers Street) to desend one the the cities most beautiful staircases and we came upon a photoshoot in progress. There we met the most beautiful young woman who was actually the hair and make-up stylist. Well I said, quit your day job and get in front of the camera. As an actor, an observer more to the point. Someone who looks deeper and sees more. An imagination, if you will. I could sense something here more than just stunning beauty. This young woman exuded emotion that was more comfort than complexity. Perfect.

By the time Eva and I were at the bottom of the staircase and had bid them goodbye twice I called Roy and said get over here with a pocket camera and business card.

He arrived by skateboard before the first flash went off on the shoot. The three of us stood nearby and I kinda did a scene from ‘Roxanne’ as I talked to this young woman about Roy and his camera. Her smile was… well I could go on, but for once didn’t want to overwhelm someone so Roy produced a card and we skated off. I didn’t get her name but I got “it”. I hope she calls. Good hair and make-up is a must. I got the role in ‘Top Gun’ from a haircut Eva gave me in the kitchen of our Hollywood Hills house.

I’ve decided to cut my hair and shave after the music video is done. I have authentic crazy hair that isn’t styled. My hair is matted from sleeping on it and wearing this wild knit hat that Bruce gave me. I think people think I’m from Afganistan and I’m looking for trouble. Then they realize the shouting is in English and get confused because subconsciously they trigger some connection they can’t quite connect. It’s like a nano acid trip for them probably. Some stilted performance burned into their video logic, a cop ( Lieutenant Palermo) or some authority figure and me in the flesh acting like Nick Nolte in “Down and Out in Beverly Hills”. I enjoy the freak show aspect and wind it up as tight as possible.

For instance, on the way home from the photoshoot encounter I came across a mound of garbage at the intersection of Industrigatan and Arbetargatan. What it was on closer inspection was the corner of someones unfortunate life. Obviously someone was moving apartments and these two plastic garbage bags held someones most dear belongings. I sat for a moment to collect my thoughts and decided this was an appropiate shrine to dedicate the collapse of the worlds financial markets.

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That is a toy bathtub in my hand. Snoopy and Kermit and Snoopy when he had a weight problem in my lap.

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I used to catch frogs as a kid and my Italian Grandmother fried and ate the legs.

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A horseshoe and telephone and giant banana with doll clothes.

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A small crowd appeared.

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We will see how long it takes before this restores a panicky public and Bill Gates is again the richest man in the world( the Oracle of Omaha, Warren Buffet made 8 Billion dollars in the last couple of months). Buy baby Buy! More phones, more crap stuffed animals to soothe your fears. Call now for special prices.

In fact go to the shrine now! Go there and be saved! Save the world Consumers!