I just left 4 hours of life behind in the aisles of Ikea. Eva and I bought a set of pots and pans for Isabels Flat. Her starter set which was Roys’ starter set was impossible to attain gourmet status. I’m sure they were made in China and contain trace elements of poison but I love Chinese food. I’ll put the old pots down in the garbage room on the shelf where people shop. I got a perfectly good Moka Express Italian coffee pot from there. Eva brews Lavazza for me in it every morning while we lounge on Izzy’s kitchen floor. Swedes discard so much. It seems like a hobby. Slit och Slang is what they call it here. If your not tossing something perfectly good then you haven’t arrived.

The Ikea at Kungens Kurva is just that. A big circle jerk. Kungens Kurva was an old bend in the road about 20 klicks outside the center. They built the first Ikea there probably 50 years ago and it’s a big round building that you enter at the top and circle down until you’re dizzy. Kinda like the Guggenhiem in New York but different. People walk around with the same museum mentality, that vacant stare, touching things they shouldn’t, whispering.

My problem with Ikea is that I want to buy furnishings there and then cut them up or alter them considerably. At this particular store they have a self-checkout line that is on the honor system. Swedes are so honest. Hmmm.