I’m currently in Stockholm sitting in Isabels kitchen. Roy just arrive with Andreas and we ladled up a bowl of Indian style lentils. He’s eating it now in front of me. Andreas just told me that the cameraman he was working with today charged 3000 kronor for 10 minutes of work. That about 500 USD. He thought that was outrageous. That’s the kind of money I made 20 years ago. Andreas has finished a bowl of Indian style Lentils now in just about 60 seconds. It took me and hour to prepare it. Isn’t that outrageous. That’s what I mean by what I left behind. It’s about what’s just immediately in the rear view mirror, life just lived.

Today I had an interview with Expressen the Swedish National Evening paper. It was concerning Roy’s uncoming music video which he is directing. It has a “Dark Carnival” motif and I portray a strongman gone to seed.

I’m working on my daughter Isabels Flat. New bathroom and overall paint/renovation. I did Roy’s three years ago. He lives next door. He’s my son. We did his Flat and made a show for American T.V.

Eva is my wife, partner, muse. She cooked the Lentils. Andreas Is a handsome young friend of Roy’s who thinks I have a future despite my past. He’s getting me a camera, maybe. Something that I can operate without a 3000 kronor thumb. I think it might be easier to talk straight to you rather than typing. Did you see the picture of my hands?

I’ve been at my farmhouse in the countryside of Sweden for the last six months. On top of the world in the middle of Scandavia. It’s arguably the most beautiful place in the world. It’s fun though to be right in the middle of Stockholm. Maybe the most beautiful city in the world.

This will be this. This blog. Just what I feel like talkiing about. My opinion, my experience, and the characters who populate my life.

I was at Katja’s studio today for photo’s.

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Katja’s place was going full steam and I got a good vibe. I loved the place in fact and could live there. It’s below street level, slightly until you go into the basement which was full of costumes and make-up stations. It felt like backstage Broadway.